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The Key To eCommerce Success: The Website

With the number of people shopping and buying online growing now more than ever before, a successful eCommerce business must ensure that their online presence is the best it can possibly be to reach customers, promote products, take orders and fulfil them all at lightening speed.

Building a quality eCommerce website might sound like a huge undertaking, but it’s not as hard as you may think, and it is worth the effort as it is the key to online success.

What Role Does Your Website Play?

People today place great importance in looking online to find the products and services they want, sometimes forgoing the physical store altogether. There are a number of reasons for this, including the time it saves them, makes comparing prices easy, it doesn’t require fighting through crowded stores and it also provides a much larger variety of items to purchase.

A business cannot hope to survive today without a comprehensive online shopping website with eCommerce website integration, which facilitates customer interaction, browsing and order taking. Whether it’s running solely as an online store, or adding online shopping to an already established bricks-and-mortar business, web based sales are necessary. Customer behaviour has evolved to the point where businesses who don’t find a way to sell their goods online will quickly see their customers take their business elsewhere.

Insights into setting up a successful e-commerce business

To run an eCommerce site, businesses require several critical services and pieces of software, including an eCommerce Platform, an ERP, a Web hosting service, shopping cart software and the ability to process online credit card transactions.

The eCommerce Platform

The eCommerce platform manages all the products, categories, checkout process, and other aspects involved with a functional eCommerce website. There are dozens of eCommerce platforms available, most of which have relatively the same functionality and features. It’s important to choose one that best suits your products, the physical product set up and the time you can personally afford to put toward building your site.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, is a business process management software which integrates several applications and functions within a business in order to manage and automate the backend of a website. In other words, ERP software integrates all facets of an eCommerce website into a single application and user interface, allowing the website to function as a permanently open store, to take and process orders from customers, process their payment, then push those order requests through to all of the operational stages of your organisation, such as logistics, warehousing, freight and management.

How Can Invenco Help?

Are you starting your online business journey? At Invenco, we believe in helping organisations like yours get established and experience the success that will lead to rapid online growth.

If you are just beginning, then your probably have a lot of questions about how to get your eCommerce business started successfully. Right now, you need to lay strong foundations while preparing to grow, which is why Invenco are offering you this free eBook, to help guide your way.

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