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Helping an International Company Launch 7 Brands (and counting!) in the Australian Market

“Invenco are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure things work out for your business” – Una Brands

Just over a year ago, global eCommerce aggregator Una Brands had acquired its first Australian company. That was the start of its search to find a logistics partner who could do so much more than simply pick, pack and ship.

Investing in high-potential online retailers

Una Brands’ business model is buying and growing great brands and turning them into global household names. Earlier this year the company announced its intentions to invest $100 million in Australian online retailers over the next two years.

One of the advantages of owning such a wide range of eCommerce brands is finding synergies across logistics, supply chain, customer service and more. This presents real scale benefits.

From the moment the Singapore-headquartered Una Brands entered the Australian market it was clear that logistics needed to be outsourced. The very first Australian company to be acquired had no existing 3PL partnerships. That company’s owner had been doing all the picking and packing herself. 

How could Una Brands outsource and optimise this process while still keeping that same attention to detail and customisation?

The search for a logistics partner who could do it all

Una Brands knew it didn’t want to run a warehouse and carry fixed costs. A variable model was preferred, as it allowed for the possibility to pay less if they didn’t sell as much product.

Cedric Soh, Global Head of Operations at Una Brands said the company talked to over 20 Australian 3PL providers in their search. It was a struggle to find a logistics partner who could serve all of their requirements.

Beyond just picking, packing, and shipping, Una Brands wanted a partner who could help with things such as:

  • Kitting fulfillment
  • Integrating with a wide range of platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce and the likes of Amazon, eBay and Catch to come.
  • An ability to process B2B orders

The many 3PL partners they met with could only manage part of the process.

And then we found Invenco…

“Invenco fulfilled all our requirements” – Cedric Soh, Global Head of Operations at Una Brands

Not only could Invenco actually deliver on everything that Una Brands needed, Cedric says he found the pricing to be very competitive and high value. In his words “What we get out of Invenco is value, the services they provide I am happy to pay for”

One of the things Cedric is happy to pay for is all the pleased customers who are receiving their packages on time. A major struggle for smaller businesses is meeting customer delivery time expectations. Nearly half of all online customers say they are unlikely to purchase from a company that has delayed delivery.

The benefit of partnering with a logistics company like Invenco is speeding up that process and achieving timelines beyond what the majority of business owners can achieve on their own.

A massive decrease in customer complaints

Cedric acknowledged there have been some major benefits to packing, shipping and delivering with faster timelines:

  1. A huge reduction in the number of customer complaints and enquiries
  2. Operational costs are lower as there is now far less time spent dealing with customer complaints and lost packages.
  3. Better postage rates compared with being a single seller

How Invenco has helped launched more brands in Australia

In just over a year of working with Invenco, Una Brands has continued to acquire Australian eCommerce businesses with high potential across a wide range of areas and platforms. That number will only continue to grow and having an excellent logistics partner in place has streamlined the process.

Una Brands now has 7 brands using Invenco as its logistics partner, some of these brands had no previous presence in Australia but Invenco has made it possible to launch that business here.

Find a logistics partner who meets all your needs

As Una Brands experienced, it’s not always easy to find a partner who can optimise and customise eCommerce logistics across a range of platforms and products.

Get a quote today to discover how Invenco could bring competitive prices and high value to your logistics process.