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A 5500m purpose-built facility & a team of logistics professionals dedicated to your eCommerce success

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Having prompt and accurate shipping is absolutely vital for your E-commerce business.

You may have an amazing product, a killer website, an unmatched marketing presence, but your online business is still vulnerable to bad reviews, when your products fail to get to customers on time.

Logistics is an often overlooked aspect of online business that will easily make or break the entrepreneurial success you dream of.

Call us today to make sure you can get every single product promptly delivered to customers hands.

Integrates seamlessly with all the big eCommerce platforms, so that orders are sent automatically to us for fulfilment, ensuring your order status and stock on hand is real time in your platform

Core Team

Dave Scott

CEO & Founder

With a 16 year track record in successfully designing and commercialising market leading products, company founder Dave Scott understands what it takes to deliver cutting edge product design and commercial strategy.

Today his focus is on providing 3PL Services tailored to emerging businesses in the eCommerce sphere.

With a background as a Mechanical Design Engineer, Dave is driven to provide technology-based solutions that help eCommerce businesses and entrepreneurs succeed and grow.

Sean Reed

Business Development Manager

With over 20 years of management experience, Sean is a logistics & operations professional. With an MBA from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) and membership

of the Australian Institute of Management, our clients reckon that Sean lives and breathes sales and operations.

His focus on the efficient design and delivery of 3PL services across a diverse portfolio of product types ensures all our client’s customers receive what they want, when they want it.

Cristian Grajales

Customer Support & Operations Manager

With over a decade of experience in management, logistics and project roles, Cristian is committed to ensuring you deliver your customer’s exactly what they want, when they want it.

Our clients value his dedication to meeting deadlines, process improvement projects and inventory management.

Zuanny Garcia

Continuous Improvement Analyst

Zuanny has been with Invenco since November 2014. During this time she has proven herself to be a strong operations professional with a focus on value creation

and the development of business processes which are aligned with the company’s business objectives whilst improving the customer experience.

She’s passionate about the success of her team and the organisation, following a collaborative approach that engages people at all levels of the organisation, cementing positive change within the organisation for the long-term.

Zuanny is an accomplished Industrial Engineer holds a Masters in Operations and Project Management with more than eight years of experience in Operations Management, Supply Chain Optimisation, Logistics, and Business Process Improvement.

Gerald “Dilly” Jeyanayagam

AM Shift Supervisor

With over 15 years of Freight, Operations and Management experience, Gerald rose through the ranks at UPS to eventually manage their Export Operations.

With a proven track record for success, Gerald is committed to providing excellent customer satisfaction and leading and nurturing his team so they can perform to the best of their ability.

Invenco Warehouse Team

Our Facilities

The Invenco warehouse is a 5,500m purpose-built eCommerce facility for retailers.
Our state of the art warehouse is modern, clean, and sits securely within an electronically gated complex. 24 hour CCTV monitoring, entire street and internal night vision with back to base alarm.
Invenco is situated in Moorebank in Sydney’s West. Our modern storage facility is located just off the M5 / M7 corridors which makes our position perfectly located for container and LCL deliveries.
Our large warehouse is configured to provide clean and secure storage for a wide variety of products, large and small. We’re not able to look after Dangerous Goods or products that require Cold Storage or Temperature Controlled environments.
Our clients feel secure that their products are in an electronically gated complex, with electronic key access only. CCTV is provided along the entire street and is monitored 24 hours a day by an external party. And our internally operated and monitored CCTV night vision cameras, movement sensors and a back to base alarm.
  • Attipas

    “Invenco are heads and shoulders above any form of service that we’ve received from other 3PL’s. Invenco give me that feeling that they want to partner with me, and not make me feel like I’m just a customer.”

    Caroline Africh – Founder of Attipas

  • From Zion

    “We were realising that we just weren’t good with dispatch. It was upsetting our customers the amount of time it was taking to get orders out. To go from 7 day dispatch to 1 day with Invenco is insane! We see Invenco as part of our team and our family.”

    Jas – Founder of From Zion

  • Geedup

    “Invenco has allowed us to focus on we’re good at, being creative and being at ground zero with the consumer. We’re not process people – it’s alleviated pressure, and the scalability in terms of volume is something we can’t do on our own.”

    Jake Paco & Beau Saywell – Founders of Geedup

  • Incy-n

    “Based on our research, what Invenco could offer in terms of the time frame, the prices with shipments, the processes as well as the technology – we really could not find anything better.”

    Nicole & Natalie – Founders of Incy-n

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