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Achieve 100% Shipping Fulfilment for Your E-commerce Store

Customised Logistics Solution & Prompt Delivery Service to ensure your goods get to your customers on time, under budget.

Automate Your
Shipping Process

Precisely Control

Grow Your E-commerce Empire with Great Reviews

All the fine details of getting your goods from A to B are taken care of here at Invenco:

precisely executing all the steps and in-betweens, so you don’t have to lift a finger

Integrates seamlessly with all the big eCommerce platforms, so that orders are sent automatically to us for fulfilment, ensuring your order status and stock on hand is real time in your platform

Read more of each step in details

Step 1: Send us your inventory

Invenco are industry leaders / specialists at solving the complex challenges of eCommerce logistics. From our fast and accurate receiving process, to checking and cataloguing each item with a unique barcode. Rest assured your goods will be ready for sale.

So what is receiving?

Receiving is the first important step of processing your goods into a manageable form. Once we receive them, they’re catalogued, checked, barcoded and counted.

Our state of the art eCommerce receiving system addresses and solves challenges including:

  • A wide range of unique items in small quantities
  • Unstructured inventory, and
  • Insufficient labelling

Invenco’s eCommerce receiving solutions

Invenco’s fast and accurate receiving process audits items on first time arrival to capture:

  • Unique barcodes per item
  • Supplier codes
  • Dimensions & weights
  • Structured pack sizes (units of measure)

Got items that are controlled by batch, lot numbers or expiry dates? We automatically capture and track that data as a part of the receiving process.

Our ability to receive via multiple structured pack sizes increases speed and reduces the receiving cost per item.

For example, a case of beer can be received into inventory as either 24 x Bottles (1), or 4 x Packs (6), or 1 x Case (24). The cost per bottle is highest when received as Bottles (1), and the cost per bottle is lowest when received as Case (24).

Step 2: Invenco stores your inventory

Invenco offers flexible, cost effective eCommerce storage solutions that support the development and growth of your business. Our industry leading ‘Per-Cubic Metre-Per-Day’ storage pricing model ensures that you only pay for exactly what space you use in our warehouse.

Want a stress free eCommerce storage solution to suit the ebbs, flows and busy times of your business?

Invenco stores your inventory in our secure, state of the art warehouse based in Moorebank, Sydney.

We store and fully manage your inventory with demand profiling, so you have the right quantities to meet your customer demands.

Invenco’s elastic storage solution scales up with you as you grow and shrinks with you as demand cycles change.

Our ‘Per-Cubic Metre-Per-Day’ storage model means you only pay for the actual space that each item uses whilst in storage in our warehouse.

Step 3: Send us your orders

Speed of order processing is fast becoming the competitive battleground of eCommerce businesses. Invenco creates a level playing field so you can compete with eCommerce giants pushing consumers expectations on same day order processing.

Invenco order fast processing eCommerce solutions fulfil your customer demand and support your business growth

Invenco’s order processing includes collation and sequencing of your customers orders to match their delivery timeframe expectations.

From consumer orders that need to be processed and shipped on the same day to business orders with next day processing and shipping. Our eCommerce order processing also includes exception management that addresses issues like:

  • Items out of stock
  • Invalid address details
  • Types of addresses for order shipment, and
  • Delaying a customer order for a period of time.

Invenco’s express order eCommerce processing

Invenco’s ‘rush order’ eCommerce order processing allows you orders to jump the queue and be the next order processed. Our ‘pre-flight’ checks detect exceptions early and ensure that your customers receive their orders within the expected timeframe.

These checks include:

  • Verifying and categorising addresses to eliminate non-delivery errors and help optimise shipping choices
  • Managing backorders easily and efficiently – our automated backordering is based on inventory availability with automatic backorder release on receipt of replenishment stock.
  • Real-time alerts notifying you of exceptions as they occur.
Step 4: Pick & Pack

Invenco’s state of the art pick & pack solution is built around barcode scan verification for both item identification and quantity confirmation. Our pick & pack solution easily scales as you grow your eCommerce business product range.

Invenco’s eCommerce pick and pack solution

Wrong pick errors in your eCommerce business lead to customer frustrations and escalating costs.

Our efficient and cost effective pick & pack system picks all the items requested in a customer order and collates them before packing them carefully for delivery.

Invenco customised pick and pack solution includes:

  • Minimising the package size and weight
  • Ensuring goods are protected and delivered safely using a wide range of packaging materials – from shipper boxes to satchels, bubble wrap and void fill pillows
Step 5: Invenco ships and monitors your order until delivery

A key part of the customers buying experience with an eCommerce business is speed and reliability of shipping. Delivery delays and lack of visibility for your customer can ruin an otherwise fantastic experience with your business.

With shipping costs being a large expense for eCommerce businesses, Invenco offers state of the art management and monitoring of shipping until delivery. And with access to a wide range of shipping services at the time of checkout, your customers will be delighted, every single time.

End-to-end shipping management solutions for every customer order

Invenco’s shipping management solution lets you compete with the eCommerce giants by providing your customers with a wide range of shipping options at checkout including:

  • Standard shipping – Low cost slower road services
  • Express shipping – Premium air services
  • Same Day delivery – We provide both an express courier service with 4-hour delivery window as well as a same-day evening ‘twilight’ service to residential addresses (Sydney Metro only) for those urgent deliveries just in case you forgot something and need it in a hurry.

With Invenco’s industry leading eCommerce shipping algorithms analysing each order and calculating shipping estimates, you get actionable insights to tweak your shipping offers while keeping control of your costs.

Our real-time delivery tracking data gives your eCommerce business the visibility and quality experience your customers demand with the optional ability to email or SMS the package recipient.

You’ll rest easy at night knowing that Invenco’s managed shipping solution proactively captures all of the tracking events published by the shipping carriers once the packages leave our warehouse.

Step 6: Update your inventory

Basic inventory management may suffice when you’re a small business with only a few unique SKU’s and a handful of orders to manage. But you’ll soon run into trouble in your eCommerce business as you try and scale order volumes and SKU ranges if you don’t have a robust and scalable inventory management process in place.

Invenco’s inventory management solution gives your eCommerce business accurate, real-time inventory data that helps you maximise sales and minimise inventory holding costs.

Get real-time inventory ledger updates as events occur with Invenco’s inventory management solution

Invenco’s inventory management solution provides real-time inventory ledger updates as events occur. You’ll get instant updates when:

  • Your inventory is committed as your orders are received
  • Your items are scan picked
  • The Items are received and scanned, and
  • Your items counts are processed and verified.

At the heart of Invenco’s inventory management system is our proprietary License Plate Number (LPN) control system. Our system allocates a unique serial number to each and every carton as it arrives at the warehouse. And this serial number facilitates advanced downstream processes and tracking.

Advanced inventory management automatically captures and reports additional inventory detail for specialised item management and compliance:

  • Batch / lot number tracking and control
  • Expiry date tracking and control
  • Serial number capture
  • MAC address capture

Invenco’s inventory management solution is highly scalable and accurate across tens of thousands of unique SKU’s per customer. And this means that you can easily and efficiently automate your eCommerce business and grow with confidence.

Step 7: Invenco is here to help your eCommerce business succeed and grow

Invenco customer support aims to bridge the divide created by the physical separation of you and your inventory. Our customer support team is on-site and dedicated to making outsourced logistics scale well for your eCommerce business as you grow.

Invenco customer support: 100% focussed on helping your eCommerce business succeed.

Wherever possible we provide your eCommerce business with self-serve online access to the important information you need including:

  • Online shipment tracking
  • Order processing status
  • Inventory on hand reporting
  • Receipt processing status

Invenco offers an email & phone call request ticketing system for special requests or access to specialised information that’s not published in your eCommerce online portal.

Our customer support team can liaise directly with the warehouse, IT, or management team to help you access all the information you need to build a successful eCommerce business.

Step 8: Presell your goods and ship without storage costs

Want to presell your goods and ship without incurring storage costs? Invenco’s fully automated cross docking solution lets your eCommerce business presell some or all of your items before they arrive at our warehouse. Bypass storage, reduce costs and increase the speed of delivery – here’s how…

Use Invenco’s cross docking solutions to grow your eCommerce business

Once your items arrive and are scanned into inventory, Invenco’s automated backorder system will start releasing your orders for picking, packing, and shipping. And our cross docking logistics strategy tracks inventory arriving at a warehouse which is pre allocated to outbound orders.

As a result, the inventory skips the storage stage of the typical warehousing process and moves straight from the inbound ‘dock’ to the outbound ‘dock. And with a bypass of the storage process, you reduce your costs and increase the speed of delivery to your customer.

Invenco can also work with you to design a custom cross-dock process that works at a pre-packaged carton level rather than at the item level to further reduce handling time and costs.

Step 9: Sell your goods through other branded channels to drive growth

Want to grow your eCommerce business by offering a drop shipping service? Invenco’s drop shipping service is a ‘multi-branding’ platform that lets you configure additional ‘brands’ that can be associated with your sales orders.

Drive your eCommerce business growth with Invenco’s drop shipping solutions.

Drop shipping is a wholesale sales strategy to increase eCommerce sales by expanding the channels in which your products are available for customers to buy.

Your sales increase by offering wholesale pricing to resellers who post your products as available for sale on their website. When a customer buys one of your products from the resellers website, they place the order with and make the payment directly to the reseller.

Your reseller orders that item from you, with the agreed wholesale cost to be billed to them, but for the goods to be packed and sent directly to their customer.

Some resellers will demand that all paperwork that ships to the customer is branded with their name and details – not your business name. This is called ‘blind’ drop shipping, as the receiver of the goods has no way to know that you were involved in the transaction.

Invenco eCommerce drop shipping solutions let you grow your business efficiently and smoothly – no stress, no fuss.

  • UNA Brands

    “We spoke to more than 20 3PL companies in Australia, but we could never really find a 3PL that would serve all our requirements. Providers would only be able to provide one or two of our requirements, until we found Invenco.”

    Cedric Soh – Global Head of Operations

  • Royal Flying Doctor Service

    “We needed a partner who onboarded us with patience, and that’s what happened with Invenco. I felt listened to by Invenco, understanding our business needs, and also helping us in understanding what we can do better to build an ecosystem that works like clockwork.”

    Christine Kurpitz – Head of Digital, eCommerce & Merchandise

  • Attipas

    “Invenco are heads and shoulders above any form of service that we’ve received from other 3PL’s. Invenco give me that feeling that they want to partner with me, and not make me feel like I’m just a customer.”

    Caroline Africh – Founder of Attipas

  • From Zion

    “We were realising that we just weren’t good with dispatch. It was upsetting our customers the amount of time it was taking to get orders out. To go from 7 day dispatch to 1 day with Invenco is insane! We see Invenco as part of our team and our family.”

    Jas – Founder of From Zion

  • Geedup

    “Invenco has allowed us to focus on we’re good at, being creative and being at ground zero with the consumer. We’re not process people – it’s alleviated pressure, and the scalability in terms of volume is something we can’t do on our own.”

    Jake Paco & Beau Saywell – Founders of Geedup

  • Incy-n

    “We’re really, really pleased that we’ve stuck with them now for 7 years because they have made our job a lot easier, and they’ve helped us to get a lot further in our business because of their capabilities.”

    Nicole & Natalie – Owners of Incy-n

    Combining cutting edge technology and innovation for your competitive advantage online

    Online Portal

    Invenco’s online portal gives you real-time visibility and insights into your eCommerce inventory operations.
    Outsourcing your logistics to a 3PL means you lose the visibility you have when you run your own warehouse. But a lack of visibility doesn’t need to mean a loss of flexibility in your eCommerce business.
    Invenco’s online portal is your real-time window into daily order and inventory operations in the warehouse. Your order exceptions, changes in customer requests and status updates are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
    You get access to real-time reporting with details about:
    • Inventory on hand & available
    • Order processing status
    • Receipt processing status
    • Delivery exception reports for parcels not yet delivered

    Our online portal insights are focused on helping you drive your business growth and success and include:

    • SKU demand profiling and days on hand reporting – to help you drive lean inventory initiatives and manage your replenishment
    • Shipping Recovery Reporting – to help you macro manage your shipping rule pricing towards your business and margin objectives
    • Per item logistics pricing reports – so you can understand costs at the per item level

    • Total Net Cost Per Item Delivered trend data –to help you drive strategies to improve your business by understanding the cost impact of inventory (storage) levels & stock turns, order (cart) size and shipping cost recovery


    Our fully managed integrations provide you with a worry free path to automating and scaling your business.

    Invenco builds, maintains, and monitors your integration for you so that you can focus on your core business.

    Our eCommerce integration process includes:

    • Receiving and loading data from the source system

    • Transforming the data from the source format to the destination format, and
    • Sending and saving the transformed data in the destination system
    Invenco’s integration provides an automated and cost effective means of scaling your business as you experience growth. Our automated data transfer frees you and your team from tedious and error prone data entry tasks and helps you deliver amazing experiences to your customers.
    We can custom build managed integrations, or you can use one of our pre-built managed integrations including shopping carts, ERP / Accounting systems and EDI retailers.

    Shopping Carts

    • Orders received as they’re processed
    • Fulfilments automatically created with tracking links when shipped
    • Inventory sync on schedule
    • Coming soon: Product catalogue sync
    • Orders received as they’re processed
    • Order completion with tracking numbers, inventory sync and product catalogue sync
    • Orders received as they’re processed
    • Order completion with tracking numbers
    • Inventory sync
    • Coming soon: Product catalogue sync
    Big Commerce
    • Coming soon


    Netsuite / jCurve
    • Sales orders received as they’re approved
    • Coming soon: Order fulfilment automation with tracking numbers and carrier tracking links, inventory sync and product catalogue sync
    • Delivery Orders iDocs received and processed by FTP
    • Warehouse Picking iDocs created and returned by FTP
    • Purchase Orders iDocs received by FTP and processed as goods inward advice
    Full Circle ERP
    • 832 EDI – Style Master
    • 940 EDI – Pick Ticket
    • 945 EDI – Shipment
    • 943 EDI – Inwards Goods / Returns
    • 944 EDI – Receipts
    EDI Retailers: Please note that we currently do not provide any EDI services.

    Rest API

    Build your own custom integration with Invenco’s REST API

    Our custom integrations can help power your eCommerce business to produce a unified growth solution.
    Invenco’s Rest API provides a way for data to be sent from one system to another. When you use Invenco’s Rest API, your developer can connect your custom eCommerce, CRM, or Accounting system with Invenco’s WMS for automated data exchange.


    What does 3PL mean?

    3PL stands for third party logistics – an outsourced method of order fulfilment. Another term used in the US to describe us is that of Fulfilment House.

    Do I have to have a barcode on my goods?

    Yes, we require that every item has a unique barcode.  If your items do not have unique barcodes on them when the arrive, we will generate and apply them at the time of receiving.

    Do you provide cold storage?

    No we do not provide cold storage. Nor do we have a temperature-controlled facility.

    Do you integrate with my shopping cart?

    Yes we already integrate with a range of different systems.  We can also build custom integrations or provide your developer with access to our REST API.

    How big is your warehouse?

    Our 5,500 sqm (60,000 sqft) warehouse in Moorebank, Sydney can accommodate up to 7000 pallet positions.

    Do you have insurance or do we insure our product?

    We don’t insure the goods because we don’t own them. Our clients take out a stock in trade 3PL policy when they use our facility.

    Which freight partners do you use?

    We have partnerships and deep IT platform integrations with Australia Post, Startrack, Fastway, DHL, UPS and Go People.

    Do you handle dangerous goods?

    No, we are not presently setup to store and handle dangerous goods (DG’s).

    Can you arrange my customs clearance and freight forwarding?

    We currently do not have a licenced customs broker on staff, but we can recommend several freight forwarders to assist you.

    Having prompt and accurate shipping is absolutely vital for your E-commerce business.

    You can have the greatest marketing, but still be drowned by bad reviews when your products don’t arrive when they’re promised. This often overlooked aspect of online business will truly make or break the entrepreneurial success you dream of.

    Call us today to make sure you can get every single product promptly delivered to customers hands.