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3PL services to help you power growth, control costs, and automate your business.


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Taking The Next Steps

Tackle The Challenges Associated With A Growing Business

If your business is on the fast-track, it’s time to consider your options to ensure that its success doesn’t spread you too thin. Third-Party Logistics (3PL) is a way to keep up with your customers’ demands, improve efficiency and guarantee effective operations. Download our free guide for more details.


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Competition in your market is fiercer than ever before. Your customers expect a great product at a great price, that's a given, but they now also expect:

  • FAST delivery at LOW cost.
  • REAL-TIME visibility of their order status from the moment it is placed, when it is shipped and when it is on-board for delivery with the courier,
  • ACCURATE information regarding what stock you have available for them to buy at any given moment,
  • and they expect you to have enough of the RIGHT STOCK on hand ready for them to purchase at a moment's notice. 

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Cost per rack space


Cost per item


Scaling operations as you achieve growth usually involves 'step' increases in your fixed cost structure that can't easily be undone. You need more warehouse space, more equipment, more staff, more technology - the list is endless! Invenco's unique "pay-per-item" pricing model brings a purely variable cost structure to your operations so that you can easily scale up and down while maintaining fixed "per item" costs.

What is "cost per item per day"?

Whatever you sell to market, the logistics of moving your products safely and on time through your distribution network can be a costly nightmare. Many businesses have unfortunately had to learn the hard way, logistics is no laughing matter. It can be stressful, costly and can pose a significant risk to your business, its reputation and its future. If your business deals in physical products, understanding and factoring in the logistics is absolutely crucial and that's where invenco can help.

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Invenco is the warehousing and delivery solution provider for eCommerce entrepreneurs, run by an entrepreneur of the 3PL industry.

Our clients are taking a crucial step when they engage us to manage their warehousing and delivery options. As soon as they are freed from physically handling their product, they invest time in marketing their business and developing new distribution channels.

Our satisfaction is watching their business go from strength to strength.

Dave Scott., CEO