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Warehouse Management

Warehouse management is the management of your stock and how it moves, both into your warehousing storage and out of it again. If you have a thriving eCommerce business which relies on timely and low cost order fulfillment then your warehouse management processes are the most important things to get right. They determine the prices you sell your products for and they determine how well your customer retention is likely to be. Happy customers share their experience with friends and family. They help you boost your business profile and build more and more customers.

One of the most effective ways to retain your customers is by offering the lowest cost shipping available across all regions of Australia. Large scale warehouses located in major capital cities like Sydney will have access to competitive shipping costs that smaller operations are unlikely to be able negotiate on their own. They will also have dedicated and highly trained personnel operating and managing warehouse stock for optimum cost efficiency and the highest output, fulfilling high volumes of orders quickly, effectively and more cheaply than a business owner is likely to manage their own eCommerce logistics while also running a thriving online business.

To get your warehouse management right takes time, energy and peoplepower. If you own and operate your business then you want to ensure that you have the right solution for your business that doesn’t inflate your overhead costs; that doesn’t mean you have to hire more people; that means that your customers get their orders on time for the lowest possible shipping rate. To get it right, you need a 3PL solution. You need Invenco.

How to improve warehouse management?

The best way to improve your warehouse management system (WMS) is to scale your operations effectively. Scaling your operations can be time consuming and costly. You need to know what it costs to house your stock, how many people you need to pick and pack your customer orders, what kind of logistics company to use for which type of shipment and the lowest shipping rates available across the logistics providers you have to choose from.

Invenco offers your business a purely variable cost structure depending on how much space you need and how many orders your business is likely to fulfil on a daily basis. You can plan with our pay-per-item pricing model that tells you exactly what it costs your business to ship each item you sell. You can set accurate and cost effective prices which ensure that your customers get the most competitive price for your products. You manage your overheads cleanly and efficiently, paying only for what your business needs right now while knowing that our scalable options allow you to increase your warehouse storage and order volumes quickly and effectively when your business begins to grow.

What is WMS in logistics?

Logistics and supply chain management is the formula your business needs for receiving orders, picking and packing them and then shipping them out to your customers. It requires warehouse management software, warehouse staff and cost effective inventory management systems which accurately manage all warehouse functions for optimal performance at the lowest possible cost. If your business is a small eCommerce operation, then your warehousing and logistics operations will mostly likely be scaled to match. However, operating your own warehouse with your own staff may not be the most cost effective solution and it may not allow for long term growth.

Where could the energy you exert in your warehouse management be better spent for your business? How accurately are you costing each item your online store offers its customers and could the prices you currently offer be reduced, helping to maintain your current customer base and grow new markets quickly?

We are a 3PL specialist offering your business an alternative to managing your own material handling. We offer your business a complete logistics solution that means you don’t need to spend time and money trying to optimise your warehouse management or even really need to think about it at all. We take care of your business’ entire supply chain process including housing your stock, picking your orders, packing them securely and shipping them direct to your customers from a centrally located operation that is able to negotiate competitive shipping.

We are specialists in warehouse operations. That’s what Invenco does. We have already done the hard work needed for finding and implementing optimisation warehouse strategies, and for creating the most efficient distribution centre peopled by highly trained professionals. We already know how to ensure accurate picking of your orders using barcode systems and radio frequency (RF) solutions. We have mastered cross docking and wave picking. What we’re offering you is a simple and streamlined stock movement service which takes the strain off you and removes the potential for nightmarish customer delivery scenarios.

Your WMS experience comprises your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system which is usually one of many warehouse software solutions that offer key features like accurately tracking stock levels and offering you insights about areas of key performance in your supply chain. These can quickly become expensive systems if you require added services depending on what your business needs and how big your operation is. For most self-made business owners, investing in expensive software is not the most cost effective solution for maintaining good warehouse management processes. For most eCommerce businesses, the most cost effective solution is to outsource the management of your stock and shipping to Invenco.

We offer state of the art warehouse management solutions designed to offer your business fast, accurate order fulfillment and optimal customer experience. Our services integrate seamlessly with your existing eCommerce software that you already use for your online store. Your customer orders are delivered directly to our picking queues in real time and into our warehouse where they are picked and packed by professionals adhering to strict quality control measures and the highest safety protocols. Your customers can access tracking on their orders so that your business remains transparent at all times. Customers like to know where their products are and how long it will take to receive them. Giving your customers the ability to track their own orders helps your business to grow credibility and trust in the market which makes your brand the go-to brand. Customers are most likely to share their ordering experience with others.

We source the lowest cost shipping for your products so that you can deliver your customers the most competitive shipping rates. We take the nightmare out of customer deliveries by streamlining the supply process and accurate shipping your orders to the right people at the right cost. When you choose Invenco to manage your warehousing operations and logistics solutions, you’re choosing the 3PL specialist service providers who want to deliver the best service at the best price, just like you do. This what we do best so you have the time and energy to concentrate on what you do best.

When you outsource your warehouse management, you make the smart choice that lets you concentrate on what you should be concentrating on: building and developing your business. To discover what Invenco can offer your business, chat with a consultant today.

Call us today to get the happy customers that you deserve, to fuel your business for many years to come.