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Offloading Logistics Responsibility to Free Up Marketing Creativity

“Before Invenco, it was like having a hangover every day of the week”

These were the exact words of Jake Paco and Beau Saywell, founders of Australian hype fashion brand Geedup, when they were trying to manage every part of their business without help. 

“It was manic!” Paco says, reflecting on his brand’s humble beginnings. 

Self-admitted creatives at heart, Jake and Beau spent years trying to bring their logistics management skills up to par with their design skills. They thought at some point they’d be able to pick and pack orders with the same strength and ease they could create engaging content. 

“It would just take a year or two,” they thought, until they could connect with consumers on the ground level and follow through with efficient order delivery on the back end. 

Fast forward nine years and they still had not mastered their delivery system. Not by any means.

Fortunately for the creative business duo, their innovative designs and blend of fashion-forward concepts with throw-back hip-hop style were exploding with popularity. Their entrepreneurial spirits and marketing savvy was developing business and wowing audiences with their brand. 

However, their back end management was not as straightforward as their one-two punch partnership. 

“We were trying to fill orders out of the back of our stores and getting a fair few complaints.” 

“Sometimes orders would take up to four weeks to deliver!” 

Like so many keen entrepreneurs, Jake and Beau were trying to handle every part of the business on their own. As they hoped but failed to get stronger on the logistics side, they finally came to realise this was simply not their gig. In fact, the bottleneck in logistics put a limit on their scalability.

Ultimately, Geedup’s logistics woes led to poor customer experience. As complaints kept flooding in, Geedup looked like yet another overhyped brand who couldn’t deliver on their slick marketing talks.

It was time for a change, time for Jake and Beau to leave the left brain side of the business to the professionals, and fully unleash Geedup’s right brain to skyrocket their branding and sales.

That meant putting systems in place to deliver goods as quickly as within 24 hours, regain customer satisfaction, and rapidly improve their online reviews and reputation. 

Jake and Beau immediately called Invenco after discovering the possibility of engaging a third-party logistics company, and rave reviews of Invenco from fellow entrepreneurs. 

“It’s a pretty big mistake in business, trying to handle everything on your own when there are things you can outsource that will help you capitalise much more.

“The back end of the business is something we had always struggled with so when we heard about Invenco we said yeah we should definitely be doing this!” says Saywell. 

Outsourcing their logistics and pick and packing to Invenco has completely simplified Geedup’s order fulfilment process. 

From this point on, Jake and Beau regained full agency to keep innovating the front end of Geedup, and never had to break a sweat worrying about what happens next when they collect payment online.

Everything is now on autopilot. As long as they keep engaging with their audience and making sales, Invenco will take care of the rest. 

“There’s no way we’d be able to fill the orders we’re doing now.”

Before Invenco, Geedup customers were waiting up to 4 weeks to receive their order. Most of them would excitedly rip open their box only to find their items were completely wrong.

Now Geedup customers can expect their order to be delivered within 24 hours and don’t have to deal with wrong sizes or wrong pieces of clothing altogether.

The proof is in the pudding – shortly after engaging Invenco, online reviews have been nothing but 100% satisfaction:

It is the perfect match of left brain and right brain for the success of Geedup. Jake and Beau work their magic to get people to love the Geedup brand and buy products, Invenco ensures people get the correct items in no time!

Volume was simply a non-issue. Jake recalls a particular promotion where they resulted in 200 extra orders overnight, Invenco was able to handle them with ease, delivering on the shipping terms they stated online. It would’ve been impossible if they were still handling logistics themselves!

Both creative entrepreneurs give all the credit for their business growth and happy customers to Invenco’s capability to handle their logistics.

“If you’re thinking about 3PL, do it,” says an enthusiastic Jake “and Invenco would be your number 1 choice.”

“Invenco has allowed us to focus on what we’re good at, being creative and being at ground zero with the consumer. We’re not process people – it’s alleviated pressure, and the scalability in terms of volume is something we can’t do on our own.”

If you are a small business owner and have pinpointed the fact you’re not good at logistics we would love to speak with you. Get a quote today so you can reclaim your time to focus on what you’re good at and grow your business tomorrow.