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How eCommerce logistics is fuelling exponential growth for life-saving services

“Now we can make revenue to support the broader organisation which is ultimately saving lives”

Royal Flying Doctor Service is one of the most respected charities in Australia. Finding the right logistics partner was vital in supporting their next phase of fundraising efforts in the selling of their branded merchandise.

The RFDS provides extensive health care and emergency retrieval across rural and remote Australia. Without their life-saving work, many Australians would not have access to hospitals or doctors. Alongside donations, their online and retail store is what makes these services possible.

Juggling limited storage space and ecommerce orders

The South Eastern section of the RFDS was facing two major business problems:

  1. They opened a new store location that had limited storage space
  2. They needed to outsource the fulfilment of online orders

Their ideal logistics partner needed to be able to send top up merchandise to the new store location, while also taking care of the orders coming in via ecommerce channels.

They were also looking for a partner who had compatible technology, scalability, a streamlined order fulfilment process, and reasonable costs.

Building an ecosystem that works like clockwork

“We needed a partner who onboarded us with patience, and that is what happened with Invenco”

Christine Kurpitz, Head of Digital, Ecommerce & Merchandise, recognised that finding a logistics partner who fit all their requirements was no easy task. But Invenco took the time to listen and understand their merchandise business needs. 

With a thorough understanding of what was needed, Invenco was able to establish a system that worked seamlessly. Christine said Invenco makes it easy to not have to worry about fulfilment, as it just happens automatically.

The system allows for orders to be fulfiled accurately and on time. It also tracks inventory and makes sure their brick and mortar store is perfectly stocked. The process now frees RFDS up to focus on what matters most to them.

Using analytics to better understand the buyer

RFDS did not have the in-house capability to collect and take a deep dive on all the relevant ecommerce data. This is where Invenco was able to step in, providing insights through their analytics team.

High-level analysts were able to help the RFDS understand their data to better optimise their range of merchandise and turnover times. It also allowed them to learn more about their customer segments.

This information has assisted with the exponential phase of growth that the RFDS has seen in their ecommerce business.

Invenco can help you focus on what matters

Whether you need help with ecommerce fulfilment, or storing and managing stock levels for a retail store, Invenco takes care of it so you don’t have to.

Get a quote today to find out how Invenco can help you streamline your process to fuel business growth.