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How A Small Online Retailer Exploded in Sales and Rave Reviews

Moving from a brick and mortar store to online operations presents rapid and daunting challenges for retailers.

Everything was smooth sailing for Nicole and Natalie, founders of Incy-N, until Toys-R-Us became history.

As the official wholesalers of popular baby bag brands StorkSak and BabyMel, Nicole and Natalie originally sold their products in department stores. 

Like anyone who has their goods displayed on the shelves of major retail stores, they thought they had secured consistent sales on autopilot, true for a number of years, until the unthinkable – the worldwide closing of their primary partner, Toys-R-Us.

After a series of disastrous damage control episodes and endless sleepless nights, though they were able to rescue a small number of traditional brick and mortar distribution channels, Nicole and Natalie were forced to take on the retail duties themselves, and they turned their eyes to ecommerce.

A scary proposition for Incy-N, who essentially had no experience in ecommerce. 

Natalie explains, ““Two years ago, we didn’t focus on selling too much online because it conflicted with our physical store distribution, but with the retail stores closing, we made the decision to redirect our focus on increasing direct sales through our own website.” 

Online sales increased by 400% with Invenco

Realising Incy-N’s core strengths and resources in wholesale, Nicole and Natalie wisely decided to not branch out to build an ecommerce store from scratch. Rather, they took on Invenco’s suggestions, after several weeks of research with the Invenco team, to retail their products on The Iconic, Australia’s leading online fashion and footwear store

By 2017, Incy-N’s products became one of Iconic’s best selling items ever, with sales soaring over 400% midway through 2017. 

Sound technology and relentless execution from Invenco was key to Incy-N’s online success.

Making the right decision to sell on The Iconic was only the tip of the iceberg. 

Invenco had to make sure orders could be precisely fulfilled in terms of accuracy and turnaround time, especially when orders would flood in at the end of the year. 

Invenco worked with Natalie and Nicole to custom build an integration with The Iconic. Invenco developed a system that streamlines orders from customers of The Iconic straight through to Invenco’s portal so that orders are automatically shipped the same day. 

The integration was able to meet The Iconic’s strict seller’s centre standards in order to make customer’s incredibly happy with the quick, efficient order processing and fulfillment. 

Both Incy-N and Invenco understood customer happiness would dictate the trajectory of Natalie and Nicole’s attempt to pivot from brick and mortar to ecommerce. 

And they successfully delivered:

Nicole and Natalie credit Invenco for their consistently high seller ratings because of their quick response time to customer’s queries.

Even when orders triple toward the end of the year Natalie and Nicole do not have to worry. They don’t worry about getting frustrated customers because Invenco is able to handle the sudden influx and quick turnaround time without any delays or backlogs. 

After the integration with The Iconic’s seller center Natalie and Nicole knew that Invenco would help them consistently deliver on time and create happy customers.

While their competition struggles to make the move from brick and mortar shops to ecommerce selling Incy-N has watched their sales increase and their customers leave rave reviews by the dozens year over year. 

Today, a key benefit of their partnership with Invenco is, unlike a lot of small retail business owners, Natalie and Nicole do not get bogged down by daily tasks like manually processing orders.

The two co-founders get to spend their time and energy on developing their brand and growing the business. Invenco takes care of the rest. 

Invenco allows the Incy-N founders to continuously focus on minimizing their input while maximizing their profit. 

Migrating your retail operations online should not spell disaster for your business. 

Get a quote or schedule a demo now to find out how Invenco can help you experience the same growth and explosion of happy customers as our wonderful friends at Incy-N.