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Unlocking The Secrets To eCommerce: Beyond Shipping Costs

It’s natural for sellers and retailers to think about shipping costs in relation to business growth, but it’s also essential to realise that there are other similarly important factors at play.

Through this article, we at Invenco will talk about how a well-rounded eCommerce fulfilment solution can help with shipping cost analysis, logistics, customer satisfaction, and much more. After that, we’ll touch on what affects shipping costs and whether third-party couriers can be a viable option.

A seller’s helping hand

The role of 3PL in eCommerce fulfilment

Online shopping is more than just putting up listings and saving on shipping costs. Every part of the sales process is important, and that’s why third-party logistics (3PL) can be of assistance when you’re looking for more convenient inventory control, order management, package tracking, and more.

It’s simple; a 3PL provider gives an outsourced solution for handling logistics-related operations, from storage all the way to shipping.

3PL’s influence on elevating customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the heart of any thriving eCommerce business, but take note that this doesn’t always have to come in the form of phone calls and email threads about product enquiries.

Through a suitable 3PL option, you can have a better time creating a simple and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers. As such, you can ensure timely deliveries and successful order fulfilment, which directly improves trust.

For comprehensive and dependable 3PL support, join us at Invenco and rest assured, knowing that we can even help you handle cross-docking, drop shipping, reverse logistics, and other services.

Remember that every package delivered is a promise kept, so get a quote today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What factors influence shipping costs?

Whether you’re searching for terms like ‘3PL Melbourne’ or perhaps ‘3PL Brisbane’ online, keep in mind there are multiple factors that shape shipping costs, and these include:

  • Distance and location. The longer the distance between the sender and recipient, the steeper the shipping fees. Additionally, the shipping zones (rural or urban) in which the origin and destination fall can considerably affect the prices.

  • Package attributes. Size matters for eCommerce orders. The dimensions and weight of your parcel play pivotal roles in cost determination. Ultimately, the heavier and larger your package, the more expensive the final charge will be.

  • Delivery method. Whether it’s via truck, rail, or air, the choice of transportation directly impacts the shipping costs. Generally, air shipping tends to be pricier than its ground alternatives.

  • Orders within an area. A high volume of shipments near your freight’s origin or destination minimises potential deadheads (empty, unutilised space) for couriers. With more orders taking up space, the shipping cost for small business owners and larger enterprises can be lowered.

  • Extra fees. Accessorial fees, which account for services beyond the usual pick-and-drop, are additional points to consider in shipping cost management. These could range from liftgate services to specialised care for fragile items.

  • Fuel variability. Most couriers utilise fuel when making deliveries, and at times, gas prices can fluctuate and influence the overall freight cost.

  • Cross-border handling. Unlike domestic shipping, navigating international lands comes with its own set of challenges and costs. Remember that there’ll typically be extra charges stemming from import/export fees and related tariffs.

The good news is that while we take note of these factors at Invenco, we make an effort to keep shipping costs reasonably priced. In line with this, if you opt for our eCommerce 3PL service, the shipping cost per item delivered can be lowered depending on how many orders you get in a week.

How long does standard shipping usually take?

Just like shipping costs, standard shipping timeframes generally vary since they’re also influenced by factors like distance and delivery method.

However, at Invenco, we’ve provided you with more structure through our standard shipping, express shipping, and same-day shipping capabilities. What’s more, we even have advanced tracking included with these offerings to ensure transparency for both the entrepreneur and the end customer.

  • Standard shipping. This is our most cost-effective option via road services.

  • Express shipping. This is a faster and more premium option fueled by air services.

  • Same-day delivery. Exclusive to residential Sydney Metro locations, this is the fastest type of shipping we have. Our first option is one with a 4-hour delivery window, and our second one is a same-day evening ‘twilight’ option. These are particularly useful when there are urgent deliveries or follow-up items.

At the end of the day, we understand that fast and reliable shipping is integral to a successful eCommerce transaction and order fulfilment. Avoiding delivery delays and ensuring complete visibility strengthens customer trust in your business.

So, if you’re interested in modern shipping algorithms that meticulously analyse each order and even estimate shipping costs, choose us at Invenco over other 3PL providers. Allow our service to bring you insights and even provide you with the option to email or SMS the recipient of the package.

Can I save on shipping by using a third-party courier?

Depending on your unique circumstances or selling setup, using a third-party courier service could help you save on shipping costs. These options could offer lower courier rates or more flexible shipping options.

As an enterprising individual, you probably already know that it’s important to compare the shipping costs and services of different couriers to determine the best option for your business needs. However, the good news is that we at Invenco can do that for you.

e at Invenco guarantee the least-cost shipping for all orders, and you can rest assured that we have deep IT platform integrations and partner with dependable couriers like Australia Post, Startrack, Fastway, DHL, UPS, and Go People.

More than just a shipping service

At Invenco, we believe that running a successful online store should be simple. For this reason, we’re not only committed to helping deliver packages but to making promises as well.

Aside from shipping, we can maintain inventory accuracy, provide real-time order tracking, sort out warehouse management, and much more with our service. With us, you can focus on creating a robust online presence while fulfilling your orders seamlessly.

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While Invenco strives to provide exceptional services, we cannot guarantee outcomes or results. Please note that all services are subject to real-world variables and conditions.

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