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3PL Logistics Melbourne

When you run a business, you need a competitive edge to keep you ahead of the pack, so a provider of 3PL logistics in Melbourne might be the answer. While you may have a great product and a super flash website, your customers may start to look elsewhere if you are not keeping your stock levels up and your deliveries fast. Worse still, they might also leave bad reviews on your site, which can be detrimental to business. Keep your customers happy and your business thriving with logistics services from a provider of 3PL logistics in Melbourne and across Australia. Invenco has the expertise and services to manage your 3PL supply chain and get your business ahead.

How does a 3PL provider work?

Third-party logistics take care of some of your business operations for you. Essentially, when you hand over to a 3PL provider, they take on all the physical handling and managing of your stock. 3PL logistics in Melbourne and across Australia have distribution centres that can handle the following services amongst others: receiving of deliveries, so you can think big – by the container load; storing of stock, managing of your inventory, pick and pack services, order fulfilment and then transport and shipping. At Invenco, we are also able to integrate seamlessly with the major eCommerce platforms. This means that as soon as an order comes in, it is automatically sent to our warehousing and distribution centre, where we can handle the whole process – everything that needs to be done to then get the order out to your client. Furthermore, we keep inventory levels up to date in real-time, so everyone knows how much stock is available at a given moment. We also like to maintain a good relationship with our clients, so if you need to get in touch with us, we have dedicated account managers. Managing your logistics solutions with companies such as Invenco means that you get quality and efficient service – and so do your customers.

What are the benefits of 3PL?

There are a host of benefits to your business if you decide to use 3PL logistics in Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia. By handing over this part of your business operations to the professionals, your business can really get on track.

The first benefit of finding a provider of 3PL logistics in Melbourne is that you will have more time on your hands as you will no longer have to worry about receiving deliveries, storing stock, managing the inventory, picking and packing, order fulfilment or shipping. That’s a lot of responsibility taken off your shoulders and handed to someone with the expertise and network to do it for you. Time is so important when you own a business, so you can now use that time to focus on other areas, such as developing or sourcing great new products that your customers will love. More time can be spent on focusing on sales and marketing, which will hopefully draw more customers to your site and increase sales and revenue.  

If you can focus on products, sales, and marketing, you will attract more customers. As your business grows, you are going to need more space for the storage of your stock. Perhaps you have your stock in your garage, or maybe you are renting a storage facility. For business owners who use 3PL logistics in Melbourne and elsewhere, 3PL helps out by having the warehouse facilities to receive your stock deliveries and store them, without you having to continually move your stock to different storage facilities to deal with fluctuations in stock quantities – or pay more for space you don’t need at different times. As you only pay for what you need in terms of storage space, you can get in more stock for Christmas, for example, and your 3PL warehouse will be able to seamlessly manage its storage for you.  

While on the subject of storage of your inventory, 3PL providers will offer increased security. For example, Invenco’s warehouse and distribution centre is kept secure with electronic gates and an electronic key system. Furthermore, there is 24/7 CCTV in the warehouse and outside, and there is also a back-to-base alarm. All these security elements help to keep your precious goods safe.

By using 3PL services, you will also be able to get your order fulfilment and distribution handled efficiently. In online retail, your clients will want fast shipping and the ability to track their orders. 3PL companies can access their freight network and handle the shipping of your stock. Providers of 3PL logistics in Melbourne can help out with the speed of your shipping because they have the size to leverage better deals with freight companies. That means you can meet, or exceed, customer expectations with same day or next day shipping. This leverage is also why providers of 3PL for small business in Australia can possibly reduce your shipping costs at the same time

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