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Fulfillment Centre Melbourne: What Makes Invenco Special

If you’re keen on finding a fulfillment centre Melbourne businesses can trust, then it’s important to take a look at the service specifics.

In this Invenco article, we’ll first talk about how sellers need more than just a place to store their items when they’re looking to expand. Afterwards, we’ll discuss the advantages a fulfillment centre can provide and even essential considerations like platform integration.

An extension of your business

Beyond just a secure foundation

Those searching for a fulfillment centre Melbourne sellers can rely on aren’t just looking for storage space; they want to partner with a provider who can offer warehouse management and third-party logistics (3PL) for optimal control and convenience when it comes to their business operations.

This is where we at Invenco come in.

We proudly showcase two modern and custom-designed warehouses: a 5,500 sqm facility in Moorebank and a 15,000 sqm space in Prestons. Featuring impeccable cleanliness as well as the safety of an electronically gated complex with round-the-clock CCTV surveillance, businesses can rest assured that their items are in secure hands with us.

But more than this, we put our facilities to good use through our comprehensive logistics, which includes order handling, package tracking, inventory management, and much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I consider using a fulfillment centre?

Whether you’ve been looking up terms like ‘3PL Melbourne’ or ‘fulfillment centre Melbourne’ on the web, know that it’s worth considering such professional assistance for the wide range of benefits you can experience. To give you a better idea, this would include convenient inventory management, giving your team the opportunity to focus on other important business endeavours.

While basic inventory tracking and management might work when dealing with just a handful of unique stock-keeping units (SKUs) and orders, growing becomes a hurdle without a scalable solution in place. For this reason, we at Invenco boast a real-time inventory management system as part of our fulfillment services in Melbourne.

With our advanced eCommerce 3PL process, you can receive instant ledger updates when your inventory is committed, items are scan-picked, items are received and scanned, counts are verified, and more. In addition to this, with our proprietary License Plate Number (LPN) control system, we assign a unique serial number to each carton.

This ensures even more detailed updates for specialised item management, which include:

  • expiry date tracking and control;
  • batch/lot number tracking and control;
  • MAC address capture; and
  • serial number capture.

Designed for scalability and precision across tens and thousands of unique SKUs, our convenient inventory management solution at Invenco empowers you to automate and expand your eCommerce business confidently.

As such, you can spend less time handling the logistics of your orders and focus on other business aspects like brand marketing or ensuring product quality. Choose us at Invenco if you’re looking for a fulfillment centre Melbourne sellers can count on.

Do fulfillment centres offer pick and pack services?

As a seller or business owner who’s been searching terms like ‘order fulfillment Melbourne’ or ‘fulfillment centre Melbourne’, chances are that you’re looking for the inclusion of pick and pack services. However, not all provide this logistical assistance.

Pick packing involves an extensive process of selecting the appropriate items and then preparing them for shipment. However, the good news is that we at Invenco have developed a state-of-the-art pick & pack solution that revolves around advanced barcode scan verification.

This not only ensures order accuracy through item identification but also quantity confirmation, ultimately preventing errors that can frustrate customers and perhaps even escalate any costs that could come from excessive returns management or reverse logistics.

Here at Invenco, you can rest assured that we have expert picker-packers who meticulously select all requested items in a customer order, collating them for careful dispatching.

With real human oversight in the storage facility, you can expect advantages like a minimisation of package weight and size as well as the assurance that your products are sealed well for safe and secure delivery. In addition to this, we pride ourselves on using the appropriate packing materials for your specific items, from bubble wrap and boxes to satchels and even void fill pillows.

How do I choose the right fulfillment centre in Melbourne?

Beyond pricing, those who’ve looked up terms like ‘Melbourne e-commerce 3PL’ or ‘fulfillment centre Melbourne’ online should choose a provider based on the shipping and handling services offered and the overall technological capabilities they can offer.

However, similarly important is how simple and straightforward it is to incorporate their solution into your current processes.

Aside from our comprehensive logistics, from item storing all the way to tracking, we also feature integrations with a number of platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and more. This ensures that orders funnel to us automatically for fulfillment, maintaining real-time updates on your end.

On the other hand, for those sellers who are working with something more customised, we have our Rest API integration. This allows for an automated data exchange between your unique eCommerce, CRM, or accounting system and our Warehouse Management System (WMS).

At the end of the day, we at Invenco understand that business doesn’t stop, and that’s why we’re offering distribution logistics for people searching for terms like ‘Melbourne order fulfillment’ or ‘fulfillment centre Melbourne’ on the web.

Assurance and assistance behind the scenes

Running a successful online store is a dream many entrepreneurs chase, but it’s often complicated by logistical challenges. When customers place an order, they expect the delivery to be seamless, and if there’s a delay or a mistake, not only is their trust broken, but your brand’s reputation also takes a hit.

Here at Invenco, we understand the delicate balance between the promises you make online and feasible real-world fulfillment. As a 3PL fulfillment centre, we give you the opportunity to oversee your orders through us, watch those five-star reviews roll in, and refocus your energy on what you do best.

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While Invenco strives to provide exceptional services, we cannot guarantee outcomes or results. Please note that all services are subject to real-world variables and conditions.

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