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Third Party Logistics Provider

A third party logistics provider deals with logistics and management so that businesses can focus on their primary goals without having to worry about the transportation of goods or the complexities of distribution. 

This service is beneficial for small business owners who have a limited budget but need a reliable, trustworthy firm to handle important tasks such as delivery, packaging, storage, and so forth. A logistics provider can take care of these needs so you don’t have to spend time looking into different companies and what they offer. 

How does a third party logistics provider work?

Third party logistic businesses—also known as fulfilment services—give small businesses reliable resources necessary to get goods from suppliers to end-users. In other words, you run the company, and your 3PL provider handles the logistics of goods transportation. A third party logistics coordinator can do a lot for your business. They can: 

  • Monitor inventory and shipment
  • Help you find reliable suppliers who provide quality products at an affordable cost
  • Negotiate with different carriers to get the best rates on delivery costs
  • Manage cross-border shipments from one country into another

A third party logistics provider can also provide efficient inventory control, warehousing space, delivery scheduling, international customs clearance, import requirements compliance, and customer service assistance, including order tracking if needed.

In most cases, the firm might offer a whole suite of related 3PL solutions such as freight forwarding which allows them to operate much more efficiently than with the traditional means because they don’t have to go through all these channels themselves.

Typically, these firms have a strong understanding of logistics and transport operations, which helps them make more accurate predictions about time frames for deliveries and final delivery costs. These firms can handle a wide range of cargo types, volumes, and service levels to meet any size order or project requirements.

3PL services can be an excellent option for businesses that have specific needs because they provide a one-stop solution which allow entrepreneurs to focus on their end product without having to worry about 3PL supply chain management. 

A 3PL provider is also beneficial in transporting high volume items from production plants or distribution centres at low cost by using less fuel and fewer trucks than would otherwise be required if it were done internally.

The logistics company is also beneficial in transporting high volume items from production plants or distribution centres at low cost by using less fuel and fewer trucks than would otherwise be required if it were done internally. 

How can a third party logistics provider help my business? 

A growing number of businesses and organisations are outsourcing their logistics to a third party logistics provider (also called 3PL or TPL) to save time and money. 3PL companies typically offer warehousing, transportation, and integrated operation services tailored to the customers’ needs based on market conditions. 

These services often go beyond logistics and include value-added services that are integral to the supply chain. The outsourcing of logistics to 3PL providers allows you to focus on the core competencies of your company. They can help your business in the following ways: 

  • Offer advanced technology: A third party logistics provider uses state-of-the-art software to integrate and manage everything from routing, transportation, warehousing, and inventory management as well as customer service queries. They are also more likely than internal staff to have up-to-date knowledge about new systems that can help improve efficiencies when it comes to shipping product orders globally. 
  • Reduced warehouse cost: Warehousing space is expensive, and it can be tough to find a location that meets your needs. Outsourcing to 3PL logistic companies saves you the time of finding the ideal space for your inventory. These logistics companies also have what you need in stock because they are constantly assessing market conditions based on current demand. When considering all 3PL costs related to warehousing, such as staffing and utilities, outsourcing could provide significant savings and efficiency over time. 
  • Increased customer service levels: You may have an infrastructure that’s too complicated or specialised for someone else to manage successfully. This situation often leaves customers with long wait times when contacting customer service representatives who don’t know how to handle their product returns and other service issues. 
  • Provide enhanced security: A third party logistics provider has the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to make sure your shipping process is efficient, effective, and accurate when compared to a company that doesn’t specialise in this area of business. They know how to protect against loss or theft by having strict security policies in place, all while making it easy for you to track shipments through their online system tools. 

Having an experienced logistics provider take care of all your distribution needs means you won’t need to hire additional people for these tasks.

You’ll be able to focus on what you do best instead of having to worry about the logistics involved. Invenco, a third party logistics provider in Australia, delivers excellent services worth your while. Our team of expert third party logistics providers can take care of any service you need, whether shipping, warehousing, or distribution. Contact us for a quick quote and let us help you take your online business to the next level. 

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