Logistics & eCommerce Technology

Invenco’s state of the art technology systems provide real-time feedback, accurate inventory management, intelligent data reporting and seamless integrations with all major eCommerce providers and shipping carriers.

Technology + Innovation = Your Competitive Advantage

Invenco is a logistics and technology business that focuses on creating cost effective and innovative solutions for eCommerce businesses.

Without the right technology, a warehouse is just a building with inventory, pallet racking, warehouse staff and forklifts. Invenco’s unique approach to 3PL eCommerce ensures our clients get a flexible and agile approach to delivering solutions that suit their current and emerging eCommerce challenges.

We’re the central hub through which all of your inventory and order data flows. Our state of the art online portal, integration and REST API solutions are customised to ensure your eCommerce business succeeds and grows.

Online Portal

Invenco’s online portal gives you real-time visibility and insights into your eCommerce inventory operations

Outsourcing your logistics to a 3PL means you lose the visibility you have when you run your own warehouse. But a lack of visibility doesn’t need to mean a loss of flexibility in your eCommerce business.

Invenco’s online portal is your real-time window into daily order and inventory operations in the warehouse. Your order exceptions, changes in customer requests and status updates are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

You get access to real-time reporting with details about:

  • Inventory On Hand & Available
  • Order processing status
  • Receipt processing status
  • Delivery exception reports for parcels not yet delivered

Our online portal insights are focused on helping you drive your business growth and success and include:

  • SKU demand profiling and days on hand reporting - to help you drive lean inventory initiatives and manage your replenishment
  • Shipping Recovery Reporting – to help you macro manage your shipping rule pricing towards your business and margin objectives.
  • Per item logistics pricing reports - so you can understand costs at the per item level
  • Total Net Cost Per Item Delivered trend data –to help you drive strategies to improve your business by understanding the cost impact of:
    • Inventory (storage) levels & stock turns
    • Order (cart) size
    • Shipping cost recovery


Invenco’s managed integration services

invenco-integrations-logos.jpgOur fully managed integrations provide you with a worry free path to automating and scaling your business.

Invenco builds, maintains, and monitors your integration for you so that you can focus on your core business.

Our eCommerce integration process includes:

  • Receiving and loading data from the source system
  • Transforming the data from the source format to the destination format, and
  • Sending and saving the transformed data in the destination system

Invenco’s integration provides an automated and cost effective means of scaling your business as you experience growth. Our automated data transfer frees you and your team from tedious and error prone data entry tasks and helps you deliver amazing experiences to your customers

We can custom build managed integrations, or you can use one of our pre-built managed integrations including shopping carts, ERP / Accounting systems and EDI retailers.

  • Orders received as they’re processed
  • Fulfilments automatically created with tracking links when shipped
  • Inventory Sync on schedule
  • Coming soon:
    • Product catalogue sync

  • Orders received as they’re processed
  • Coming soon
    • Order completion with tracking numbers
    • Inventory sync
    • Product catalogue sync

  • Orders received as they’re processed
  • Order completion with tracking numbers
  • Inventory sync
  • Coming soon
    • Product catalogue sync 

Big Commerce
  • Coming Soon
Netsuite / jCurve
  • Sales Orders received as they’re approved
  • Coming soon
    • Order fulfilment automation with tracking numbers and carrier tracking links
    • Inventory sync
    • Product catalogue sync

  • Delivery Orders iDocs received and processed by FTP
  • Warehouse Picking iDocs created and returned by FTP
  • Purchase Orders iDocs received by FTP and processed as goods inward advice

Full Circle ERP
  • 832 EDI – Style Master
  • 940 EDI – Pick Ticket
  • 945 EDI – Shipment
  • 943 EDI – Inwards Goods / Returns
  • 944 EDI - Receipts





We don't Currently Provide any EDI services 


Build your own custom integration with Invenco’s REST API

Our custom integrations can help power your eCommerce business to produce a unified growth solution.

Invenco’s Rest API provides a way for data to be sent from one system to another. When you use Invenco’s Rest API, your developer can connect your custom eCommerce, CRM, or Accounting system with Invenco’s WMS for automated data exchange.


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