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Case Study: Incy-N Pty Ltd

Streamlining Operations for Business Growth

 "CEO of Incy-N , Natalie Gibbins, explained how she overcame her growing sales channel challenges with the support of Invenco”

In 2017, Australians spent over $21.3 billion through online sales alone, an 18.7% increase from the previous year.

Case Study: Where 3PL Meets Marketplace Platforms

Invenco has teamed up with The ICONIC to see your business succeed

Is your online business on the growth fast-track, and you’re looking to large Marketplace Platforms, such as The Iconic, to reach a greater number of your customers? Here’s how Invenco can support you.

How do barcodes help 3PL?

If your business is growing and you are either considering or currently using 3PL (Third Party Logistics) services, barcodes are a useful tool to help your warehouse expand its operations and facilitate this growth.

Topics: Business Growth Freight Logistics Customer Experience

What is a barcode?

When you buy pretty much any physical product today, you will see a label on the package.

When this label is scanned at the register, the computer automatically brings up information about the item, such as the description and the price.

This is a barcode.

Topics: Business Growth Freight Logistics Customer Experience

Choosing the right barcode for your business

Have you considered barcodes, but don’t know which type to use? Your business has a large range of options when selecting the type of barcode for your products.

Making the right choice comes down to a variety of factors, such as the common uses for each, the physical space you have on your product for a barcode, or if you need different levels of security.

Topics: Business Growth Freight Logistics Customer Experience